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HARTMANN develops and markets a complete range of high-performance product solutions in the areas of Incontinence, Compression and Wound Management. Our commitment to partnering with healthcare professionals provides products that enhance patient quality of life and deliver clinical efficiency and efficacy across the continuum of care.

In line with our commitment and responsibility as an expert in incontinence and skin health, HARTMANN works closely together with professional caregivers and dermatologists. Together, we aim to provide innovative, absorbent incontinence solutions combined with profound in-house training in order to support the health and well-being of those affected by incontinence.

ACTIVE SKIN PROTECTION means these briefs include Curly Fiber, which instantly converts the high pH value of voids to a skin-friendly pH 5.5; hypoallergenic materials, which have an extremely low potential for causing allergic reactions; superabsorbent polymer to lock-in fluids and maintain a healthy, dry environment; and cloth-like, breathable side panels for increased air-permeability and optimum skin health.