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Dignity® Briefs with Curly Fiber feature Air Active® material in the hip area which increases air-permeability and promotes a skin-healthy environment.

Unlike conventional, noisy plastic backsheets, which trap air and moisture, our cloth-like backsheets are soft, and discreet.


The Air Active® cloth-like, breathable fabric used for the side panels in Dignity® Briefs with Curly Fiber increases air-permeability. Moisture and heat build up are reduced, ensuring a dry, pleasant skin climate.

ACTIVE SKIN PROTECTION means these briefs include Curly Fiber, which instantly converts the high pH value of voids to a skin-friendly pH 5.5; hypoallergenic materials, which have an extremely low potential for causing allergic reactions; superabsorbent polymer to lock-in fluids and maintain a healthy, dry environment; and cloth-like, breathable side panels for increased air-permeability and optimum skin health.