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IAD not only impairs quality of life, it also results in high treatment costs.

The cost of treating Incontinence Associated Dermatitis *
Average cost to treat one mild to moderate IAD episode in one resident1 (adjusted for inflation)2. $169 per episode
IAD occurrence can be up to 52 %.3
This example assumes 20 % in a 100 bed LTC facility with 75 % incontinence.
$2,535 per month



Maintaining a skin-friendly pH 4.5-5.5 helps to:

  • prevent and reduce IAD
  • save treatment time and costs
  • improve quality of life for incontinent residents

ACTIVE SKIN PROTECTION means these briefs include Curly Fiber, which instantly converts the high pH value of voids to a skin-friendly pH 5.5; hypoallergenic materials, which have an extremely low potential for causing allergic reactions; superabsorbent polymer to lock-in fluids and maintain a healthy, dry environment; and cloth-like, breathable side panels for increased air-permeability and optimum skin health.